Elder Scrolls Online: Auction House Alternatives

Many of you who have been playing the Elder Scrolls Online for the past few days have probably realised that ESO does not house an auction house. It has also been noted that an auction house is not a feature that they are looking to add anytime in the near future. Therefore some of us may find it a little tricky to make a fair amount of gold without spamming the chat channels in your faction’s citadel.



Minecraft Realms: First Impressions

Minecraft Realms is Mojang’s “official” approach to managed Minecraft server hosting. Most of you who are familiar with Minecraft will know that a standalone server has been available to anyone since the birth of Minecraft, and many game hosting companies already have Minecraft server hosting services.


Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online: First Impressions

I have had previous experience with the Elder Scrolls Online with the pleasure of having a friend lending me a beta key for one of the beta weekend events. My very first impressions of the game, before its official release were relatively negative. I didn’t find the game bad per-say, but I found the experience slightly dull and that same element that got me hooked to games such as World of Warcraft wasn’t there.


Cobalt – New ThemeForest Project

James and I have lately been working on a new ThemeForest project for out collaborative account. You can view our current ThemeForest page, which currently has a lack of items however we hope that our current project will be our first to be accepted.

We decided to take on a minimalist inspired design with flat elements from FlatUI Colors. A preview of our current progress can be seen below.