Using a CDN with your blog or website

A CDN or Content Delivery Network is a web service that can essentially externally source your website’s assets, such as your CSS files, JS files and images. The advantage of using a CDN is that your website’s assets are distributed across many different servers around the world all in different locations. In layman’s terms a CDN means that your website will load faster for users in a majority of cases.


New Low Cost iMac

Apple Releases New Low Cost iMac

Yesterday Apple released their promised new low cost and entry level iMac desktop computer. For residents of the UK the cost of this iMac is £899, this is the cheapest iMac Apple has released for many years. Apple has recently made a habit out of cutting prices on many of their entry level products such as the MacBook Air. My assumption on this is that Apple is trying to open up its range of Mac computers to more people.

Unfortunately Apple’s release of the new entry level iMac is not good news for everyone. The new iMac features a 1.4GHz i5 processor as found in Apple’s current line up of MacBook Airs, although this processor is deemed very capable in Apple’s MacBook Air it is reasonably disappointing that a ULV mobile base chip has been used in a desktop computer. The good news however is that the low cost iMac comes with a default 8GB of RAM as standard, it has however been recently determined that this is not upgradeable via BTO order nor after purchase as it is soldered onto the motherboard.



Elder Scrolls Online: Auction House Alternatives

Many of you who have been playing the Elder Scrolls Online for the past few days have probably realised that ESO does not house an auction house. It has also been noted that an auction house is not a feature that they are looking to add anytime in the near future. Therefore some of us may find it a little tricky to make a fair amount of gold without spamming the chat channels in your faction’s citadel.



Minecraft Realms: First Impressions

Minecraft Realms is Mojang’s “official” approach to managed Minecraft server hosting. Most of you who are familiar with Minecraft will know that a standalone server has been available to anyone since the birth of Minecraft, and many game hosting companies already have Minecraft server hosting services.