How To Setup up a VPS for WordPress (Introduction)

How To Setup up a VPS for WordPress (Introduction)

In this series we will be going through the steps of setting up and optimising a virtual private server (VPS) for a large capacity WordPress install.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Setting up a new VPS – OS, User Accounts and Security
  • Setting up a firewall – Linux IPTables
  • Adding a Caching Server – Varnish
  • Further Optimisation – CDNs, Cloudflare


Since quite recently we have been posting out quite a bit of content relating to optimising websites and their hosting, we are pleased to announce that over some time in the near future we hope to release a tutorial series on optimising a virtual private server or VPS for a WordPress install. The ensuing series will be aimed at both beginners and intermediates in the field of self hosting a web server.

We hope the series will allow you to firstly set-up and then optimise a linux web server of your own, and then later manage it by applying update and performing general web server maintenance. Throughout the series we will be using a VPS provided by Digital Ocean which means we will also be going through the process of installing and configuring a web server such as Apache.

How To Setup up a VPS for WordPress (Introduction)

Not only will this series cover the set-up of a web server we will also be covering managing and optimising a WordPress install, this will include plugins to speedup WordPress through the use of add ons such as W3C Total Cache and ensuring that a WordPress install is secure from intruders. Next we will discuss the use of caching servers such as Varnish, to serve static pages rather than dynamic pages.

We will be posting the next parts of the series throughout the next few months, and we will try to keep them to a regular schedule, although this will depend on whether or not we have to give time to other commitments. To keep up to date with the series you can follow us on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook or if you’d rather, you can subscribe to our RSS feed.

Verdun: An Online WWI FPS

Verdun: An Online WWI FPS

Verdun is probably one of the only currently available, realistic World War One first person shooters. The game is in early access and is being worked on by M2H Studios, who are an indie game development company based in the Netherlands. The game is running under the Unity engine, which we believe to now be the Unity 5 engine or at least M2H are supposedly planning to release the final game under the latest revision of the Unity engine. The gameplay encapsulates the allied forces against the German forces in good old trench warfare. As Verdun is based in World War One the guns are mainly bolt actions with the exception of some machine guns and semi automatic pistols.

However, Verdun is not your average point and shoot shooter. The game takes on a relatively realistic approach with many body shots from a bolt action rifle being a one shot kill and a couple of shots from a pistol being equally as deadly. This can make the game rather challenging for those accustomed to games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield where kills are often obtained from many shots wounding the body of an enemy.

Verdun: An Online WWI FPS

Overall my impression of the game is rather positive, the maps are great whilst also be historically accurate in terms of design and the gameplay somewhat atmospheric and immersive. My only gripes with the game at this moment in time would be that killing an enemy player seems rather dissatisfying as there appears to be a distinct lack of blood spurts and bullet wound textures emerging from the enemy players.

The rag-dolls whilst proving amusing after you’ve have blown someone sky-high with a grenade do not offer the same experience or immersion as the deaths present in games such as Call of Duty’s World at War. The addition of a few more sound effects mainly in the form of when a player is either killed or hurt would go along way. A few more character animations such as flinching when hit and possibly more “lifeless” deaths would also be a feature that I for one would quite like to see added to the game.

Your Trump Card for Child Safety

An iOS Spy App – Your Trump Card for Child Safety!

Are you ever concerned about the safety of your kid? Kids are so passionate about gadgets and smartphones nowadays that nothing fascinates them more, other than their brand new iPhone handset. In this age where street crime is on the rise, you must ensure that your kids are safe and are where they should be. To get some assurity regarding this, you can be relatively relaxed because an iOS spy app will let you do just that!

What is an iOS spy app?

A phone monitoring app is basically cell phone software that can be installed on any iPhone that you’d like to trace. When it comes to your kids, you have every right to ascertain their security by any means necessary, and using an iOS spy app will make spying on your kids absolutely safe and secure – your kids have no way of finding out that you are tracking their phones.

Which Spy App should you go for?

There are all kinds of tracking apps but not all run on iPhone. An iOS spy app is a technically difficult app to create, so not all software houses venture into that. Xnspy on the whole is a pretty decent app and its geo-tracking feature is what makes it really special. If you suspect that your kids skip classes and hang out with friends instead, or simply want to keep tabs on your kids when they are out on their own, you can simply install Xnspy on their handsets once and after that you can remotely trace their location anytime and anywhere using GPS. The location of your child will be shown in the shape of a pointer on the map.

Your Trump Card for Child Safety

Not only that, Xnspy has an edge – you can also trace the location history of the iPhone user. You can see precisely where your kids went the entire day, and view the route they used to reach that location. So at the end of the day, you can check their location history to get a full picture of where they’ve been, along with time records.

Apart from the tracking features, Xnspy has other handy features including:

  • Spy SMS and e-mail
  • Spy calls
  • Record phone surrounding
  • View pictures and videos
  • Get instant alerts on specific words in SMS, contacts e ail IDs and SIM changes
  • Check web browsing history

Thousands of parents have opted for Xnspy because it not only traces Geo-Location, it also helps spying on other phone content as well. All iPhone models running on iOS 6.0 and higher, including the latest iPhone 6S, are fully compatible with this software. With Xnspy, your worrying days are over. So let your kids be on their own – why restrict them when you can check up on them at anytime? Xnspy is an iOS spy app like no other!

You can find Xnspy on the iOS App Store, the Google Play Store, or find out more on the Xnspy site.