In 2012, WebTechGadgetry was founded by James, on In 2013 James’ friend Taylor bought the domain and migrated to a self hosted provider.

A bit about us


I have been interested in computers and technology pretty much from the day I was born. It wasn’t until a little bit later, when I was around nine or ten that I got into programming. My first experience of coding was with a program called Judo, a sort of watered down version of the Java programming language.

I later got into learning about HTML and CSS, and then eventually JavaScript and some PHP. Most of this was back when I still thought Adobe Dreamweaver was cool.


Like Taylor, I also have a keen interest in technology. I too have been using computers since a very young age. At the beginning of secondary I learned HTML, CSS and some JavaScript. A few years later I started an account on ThemeForest and sold my first item.

Our mission

WebTechGadgetry is a technology blog dedicated to web design, web development and gadgets. We aim to provide informative how to articles for CSS techniques, building and maintaining websites, and gadget troubleshooting.

We’re passionate about writing tutorials which help people boost their web design and web development skills, and we love bringing you the latest technology news and reviews.

We’ve been going strong for almost five years now and hope that will continue into the future.

Hire us

Technology fascinates us, we are always looking for new opportunities to help you start a new project or contribute to an existing one. Between us we have many years of experience designing and developing various websites.

We are also happy to write guest posts for use on your own blog. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.