The release date of Apple Watch is fast approaching, and you can go and see one in your nearest Apple Store even sooner. First revealed last year, the Apple Watch has been receiving increasing interest and excitement from devoted Apple Fans – and the questions about the watch were answered at Apple’s ‘Spring Forward’ event. All that’s left to do now is wait until the release date!

After 10th April, you’ll be able to go to an Apple Store and try on an Apple Watch, and pre-order if it. The Watch goes on sale on 24th April, which isn’t long now.


There’s been a lot of speculation over how Apple will handle displaying the Watch in their stores. It turns out they’ll use tables like the one above, which show off the watches under glass. You’ll still be able to try out an Apple Watch first hand, and you can book 15-minute appointments in an Apple Store to go and try one out, with the help of an Apple Employee.

People have also been discussing how customers who wish to purchase the 18-Carat Gold Apple Watch Edition (from £8,000), who would most likely appreciate a more special experience when choosing a watch. It turns out Edition customers will get longer appointments in private, with an Apple Store Employee who is very experienced (other Apple Watch customers will only get normal Apple Store employees).

This brings us onto the pricing of the Apple Watch – the Sport starts at £299 for the 38mm model, and £339 for the 42-mm watch. The middle of the range Apple Watch starts at £479 for the 38mm model, and £519 for the larger watch. As we’ve already mentioned, the Apple Watch Edition starts at £8,000.

With the Apple Watch Sport, you can only use the Sport Band – but with the Apple Watch and the Edition there is a huge range of different straps to choose from, but these quickly push up the price of the device.

You can see all of the features and specs for the new Apple Watch on Apple’s website.

There has also been a lot of people debating over the true usefulness of the Apple Watch. When questioned about this, Tim Cook replied:

“People didn’t realize they had to have an iPod, and they really didn’t realize they had to have the iPhone. And the iPad was totally panned. Critics asked, “Why do you need this?” Honestly, I don’t think anything revolutionary that we have done was predicted to be a hit when released. It was only in retrospect that people could see its value. Maybe this will be received the same way.”


It needs to be pointed out that the Apple Watch is being marketed differently to other Apple Products – the company is making a stronger push towards fashion than purely technology. It wants people to see the Apple Watch not just as a ‘nerdy gadget’, but as something that will enhance everyones lives. This is evident in the fact that the name ‘Apple Watch’ was used instead of the much anticipated ‘iWatch’. Since the ‘i’ was first introduced with the original iMac (‘i’ meaning ‘internet’), it was supposed to show the new iMac as a new, cool piece of technology which embraced the new power of the internet. Apple says:

“The lowercase ‘i’ in its name signalled something new and important — the internet — and showed that the iMac was built for the next age of communication.”

This shows how Apple would like to reassert its fashion and wearable items as ones that are just as led by design as they are by the chips within them.

We’ll continue to keep you up to date with the latest Apple Watch news as it becomes available. Get ready for the 10th April!