At this moment in time there are already hundreds of open source “blogging” systems out there for anyone and everyone to get their hands on. I bring the word blogging into the spotlight as many of these content management systems available are now so complex and offer so much functionality and so many features, the average Joe can be left a little dumbfound.

Anyhow, Ghost offers a way out for the less tech savvy folk who just want to start a blog and write about their thoughts on the internet; without having to worry about hosting packages or what plugins you need. Ghost was built upon Node.js, which is a very lightweight alternative to running a WordPress install on a MySQL database and a server running IIS or Apache. So as you can see Ghost just works, making it a great alternative to those that want to quickly setup a new blog and get writing.

More information on the Ghost platform can be found over on the website, The people behind the platform are working on a hosted solution a bit like, to make the whole process of starting a blog even simpler.

There isn’t quite yet a whole great deal of developer related tutorials out there for theme design and such, however WebDesignTuts+ has an excellent series that is currently ongoing.