WWDC 2016 is only a matter of weeks away. As with every other WWDC Apple event year after year, we are expecting an overhaul to the current Mac line-up. This year’s WWDC is particularly interesting since there are many rumours circulating the possibility of some big updates. Here is a list of some of our top MacBook Pro 2016 rumours.

New Design

The most apt of our MacBook Pro 2016 rumours is the design. The current MacBook Pro design has been with us for many years now, and as much as it is still considered a very good design. It is starting to show its age to some of its competitors. The general consensus is that we may see a slimmer and more “MacBook-esque” profile – this is something I am very much looking forward to.

A new design is not set in stone and at this point is mere speculation. However, a facelift is much overdue and something that we believe is a strong possibility. Although what this new design could entail is anyone’s guess.

Skylake CPUs

This one is pretty much a given, Intel’s Skylake processors have been available to OEMs for awhile now so it is indeed very likely that we will be seeing these new chips in the MacBook Pro refresh. However, seeing as Apple have left it so late to update their current line-up, Intel are set to start mass producing new “Kaby Lake” chipsets in early June 2016. Could Apple be early adopters of this new architecture?

Although the answer to the above is unlikely, it is indeed a possibility as Apple have in the past always been at the forefront of adopting new technologies. This would be a pleasant surprise indeed.

Pascal or Polaris GPUs

Nvidia recently announced the GTX 10 series based off of the “Pascal” architecture. The current top tiered card, the GTX 1080, is set to offer GTX Titan X like performance for a fraction of the cost and energy. Most of these energy savings come from the new 16nm manufacture process. This could allow for the introduction of dedicated graphics cards within the speculation 13 inch MacBook Pro – here’s to hoping.
It’s pretty much a guarantee we will see a dedicated graphics card within the larger model as we would normally expect. Whether this card will be from AMD or Nvidia is still a mystery.


We hope you enjoyed reading our post on our MacBook Pro 2016 rumours. Feel free to join in with the discussion below and add rumours of your own.