Minecraft Realms is Mojang’s “official” approach to managed Minecraft server hosting. Most of you who are familiar with Minecraft will know that a standalone server has been available to anyone since the birth of Minecraft, and many game hosting companies already have Minecraft server hosting services.

Unfortunately, I have yet to try Minecraft Realms and in essence of that I suggest that you take this post more as an opinion on the subject rather than a fully blown review.

A Minecraft Realms subscription starts at a cost of £8 per month in the UK, which is subsidised if you pay on a quarterly basis. From what I have gathered from the Minecraft Realms website, up to 20 players can be invited to be able to play on your server but only 10 can play simultaneously.

It may be that I have missed something but to me £8 a month for pretty standard features seems a little steep, especially when only 10 players can be on the server at one time. In essence of that, a little Googling can get you some much cheaper deals for pretty much the same server.

  • Daniel

    so basically, i pay to monthly on a game i already bought to have them set up a limited access server with no mod support and only 10 players limits when i can just run a server in the background for free?

    • From what I gather Mojang are trying to make a bit of cash by exploiting or taking advantage of the younger Minecraft players into paying for a relatively low performance server at high price in comparison. When you also take into account that only 10 players can be on a Realms server simultaneously a home run port forwarded server is definitely a more viable option. Not to mention you can run as many mods as you want and any modpack that you want and even if a home run server is not viable there are certainly cheaper options which will indeed have full mod support.