As this is the début post here on Web Tech Gadgetry I am going to start with a relatively short one to get into the swing of things.

This is a tip that may not apply to all as this only really works on Macs that were supposedly not shipped with AirDrop capabilities, no doubt a marketing ploy by Apple to encourage consumers to upgrade.

This little trick is deceivingly simple to undertake, simply open up a terminal window and enter:

defaults write BrowseAllInterfaces 1

You may find that this does absolutely nothing to start with, however open Activity Monitor, force quit Finder and start her back up again. You should now find that you have the AirDrop icon in your Finder’s sidebar.

This is of course only a very quick, quick tip so to speak and in the future James and I will be writing posts consisting of slightly bulkier content. In the mean time I hope that this little trick helps those of you out there who are still running some of the older Mac models and require the features that AirDrop offers on OS X.

In the future we will be posting articles on the latest innovations of technology, and the occasional review on the latest hardware and software.

Get ready for a OS X Mavericks review sometime later this month!