Are you a developer? Do you like playing cards? If so, this may be your dream come true. Code:Deck is a special pack of cards, with an excerpt of code describing the suit and rank on each card.

The pack of cards features a range of web development languages (such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript) and other software development languages (like Python, C++, Objective-C, and Java).

Extra care has been taken to ensure this pack of cards is of exceptional quality.

“Trusting our design instincts we started off by figuring out the design and all the programming content. When we had that out of the way we did extensive research by comparing quality of materials with established brands worldwide for finding the most suitable printing house for our purposes – creating a quality card deck in an affordable price range.”

Code:Deck is the ideal gift for anyone involved in development, design, or any form of IT. What’s more, you can get your hands on these cards for just $15 (including $5 worldwide shipping).

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Here’s some more pictures showing off the various languages used in Code:Deck:

Code:Deck Playing Cards

Code:Deck Playing CardsCode:Deck Playing Cards

Code:Deck Playing Cards