If you need to convert currencies on a regular basis, this quick tip could really help you speed up the process. No apps or Google searches are required – just a quick type in the search field. Read more to take advantage of the latest iOS9 currency conversion tools.

iOS9 brought a great deal improvements to Siri and the search functionality, including introducing a proactive element to Siri.

While it has been possible to ask Siri to convert currencies for a while now, iOS9 has made it possible to do the same in the search screen.

On your iOS device’s home screen, simply swipe to the left or swipe downwards to access the search screen. Here, the system shows you intelligent app sugestions, recent contacts, and even the latest news.

In the search field, try typing in a value of money in your chosen currency. iOS9 will convert the value to your local currency straight away, or convert it to an alternative currency if you carry on typing.

See our examples of iOS9 currency conversion below.

iOS9 Currency Conversion

If you type a currency in on its own, iOS9 will automatically convert it to your local currency.

iOS9 Currency Conversion

If you type instructions for a specific conversion, iOS9 will quickly do the math for you.

This handy tool works on any device running iOS9 – so as long as you’ve updated to the latest software version, your iPhone and iPad will be able to do this.

If you’re wondering how to do this on Apple Watch, you’ll have to use Siri, which works just as well.

As you’d expect, the same trick also works in OSX El Capitan. Simply open Spotlight by pressing ⌘-Space and type in your conversion. It works quickly, smoothly, and even shows your results in other popular currencies.

OSX El Capitan Currency Conversion

You can find out more about the other great search tools available in iOS9 over at Macworld UK – including natural language search and more info on the deep links which help you search more fluidly. Definitely worth a read if you aren’t already familiar with these features.

  • Dean

    Didn’t even know this was possible. I learn something new the phone is capable of doing each day it seems like. Why can’t they just make an instruction manual? Thank you!

    • James

      No problem, glad to have shown you something new!