Glowbelt is the world’s first self-retracting LED safety belt for anyone who likes (or has) to go outside after dark. It’s very compact, lightweight, and one-size-fits-all, so there are no more excuses for not being visible at night.

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Notable uses include protecting children, motorcyclists, runners, cyclists and walkers during the night, when there is a serious threat of not being seen by motorists. Reflective clothing is better than nothing, but these bright LEDs will make you highly visible from up to 200m away, and from almost any angle.

The Glowbelt contains 13 high-powered micro LEDs attached to a 1.3m retractable cord, which makes it extremely easy to use, especially as the battery lasts for 60 hours before needing a recharge, keeping you safe for longer. According to research, the arrangement of the LEDs makes you three times more likely to be spotted by motorists when wearing the belt compared to wearing reflective strips.

This has received a lot of attention on Kickstarter recently, aiming to raise £40,000. At the moment, it has almost £6,000 – so get donating if you want to see Glowbelt come to life!