Tile is a great new gadget coming to the market soon, which will revolutionise the way we keep track of things. Simply attach a Tile to anything you want to keep safe, and through the Tile App you can see exactly where it is. It’s a fantastic new technology that has the potential to help many people find the things they lose – and there’s loads of other great features.


Take a look at this video, and you’ll see some of the many great features of Tile and how it works: [youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqDm3gZNZPM” width=”600″ height=”400″ responsive=”yes” autoplay=”no”] Tiles can attach to almost anything, either through key rings or adhesive pads. There aren’t any batteries to replace or recharge either, you just recycle the old ones and get a whole new tile – and they last for a year. The Tile App works on iOS – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, but doesn’t yet support Blackberry or Android. Despite this, the App works very well and can even show you when you get closer or further away from your lost item within a 50 – 150 foot range. The app also saves the last known location of your item, so you can quickly find it if you can’t remember where you left it. Set up is apparently extremely easy and quick.


The Tiles also have built in speakers, which when signalled by the app will ‘ring’, helping you to locate your lost item by sound – similar to how Apple’s Find My iPhone works. The small size of the Tiles works in their favour – so they can easily fit and slip into places where you’ll forget they’re even there. Inmy opinion, one of the most impressive features of Tile is how it uses other Tiles to locate your missing items. As the video shows, if something like a bike is stolen (with a Tile attached) but is out of your phone’s Bluetooth range, you mark it as ‘lost’ and every other Tile App on other people’s phones actively search for your missing Tile. If one of them finds it, you get a notification containing your missing item’s location. I think this has the potential to help people find stolen objects and even help find / stop thieves. And with just under 50,000 Tiles already preordered, that’s already a lot of ground covered in order to help find your missing item. Take a look at the Tile website: www.thetileapp.com The Tiles will be shipping in Winter 2013/14, and once Android has solid and stable Bluetooth 4.0 support, development for an Android version of the Tile App will begin. I think this little product has the potential to revolutionise the way we find (and lose) things – hopefully cutting down on the latter. I might even consider getting some once they are released.